About David Mooney

Welcome to my Whiskerland website.  Here is some information about my life and about the origins of Whiskerland.


     Art has always been a part of my life, but when I was young I had other things in mind for  a career.  When I was young, I was serious about music.  I still play the violin which I started when I was eight. In high school I became interested in science.  As a pre-med student I began working on illustration, and realized that an artist was what I was always meant to be.  
     At first I worked as a free-lance illustrator and gradually moved into gallery-type paintings of wildlife and landscapes.  I also enjoy painting the monumental castles and cathedrals of England.  Be sure to check out these other paintings on my other website, www.davidmooneyart.com.

David Mooney and young Bertie in the snow
David Mooney in London snowfall

Whiskerland is Born

     Over the years I’ve worked on many interesting projects.  I’ve illustrated many books and magazines, I’ve painted murals, and sets for plays.  The best, however, was a commission to paint murals in a day-care center.  That was over thirty years ago in San Diego.  

“Sketchy” Beginnings
     In the beginning I worked on a lot of different ideas for the murals.  These included a happy fiddling mouse.  I also made a drawing of a mouse riding on the back of a flying bird.  I soon worked up material for a whole host of whiskered characters, and Whiskerland was born.
     Over the years, along with my landscapes, I’ve continued to paint my Whiskerland characters.   You can come to whiskerland.com in the future to see my new creations.

A Little More

     That was going to be it, but after looking at the other pictures I thought I should prove that I DON’T always wear the cap, and I’m not going bald.
       My home is in the foothills of Northern California, where I live with my wife and our dog and three cats.  I mentioned above that I have studied classical violin since I was eight. I also enjoy Scottish fiddling, and have even made a CD.
     My wife and I share many interests – travel, fossil hunting and beachcombing, and searching for antiques, We also both love books and reading (especially history).
     Finally, you can see my paintings at Art Works Gallery at 113 Mill Street in Grass Valley.

David Mooney in the San Francisco Botanical Garden