Beatrix Potter

Lovely parish church in England

     In my first Inspirations category, I have to pay homage to the great Beatrix Potter.  In addition to her charming animal characters and stories, she was a terrific artist and illustrator.  Most people know that she based her stories, like Peter Rabbit, on her many pets.  There is a movie called Miss Potter starring Rene Zellweger.  It is a nice movie and is pretty accurate.
Scientific Work
     Beatrix Potter was very interested in Natural History, especially fungi (the science of mycology).  In addition to many beautiful illustrations of mushrooms, she wrote a scientific paper, On the Germination of the Spores of Agaricineae.  This was presented to the scientific Linnean Society by a professional mycologist.  (It is sad that in those days women were not allowed to attend the meetings.)
Later Life
     Potter spent much of her later life in the Lake District.  This is a very beautiful area in northwest England.  Her house is now a museum.  I visited it when I was there on vacation.
     Beatrix worked very hard to preserve this scenic area.  She used the earnings from her books to buy a lot of property.  This now forms a large part of the Lake District National Park.

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