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Mouse flying on back of a cardinal

When I started working on the murals at a day care center, one of the first sketches I made was a bird flying with a mouse on its back.  I gave the mouse goggles and a leather jacket, and made up a special saddle.
Whiskerland mice love to fly and have a special relationship with the birds.  Once a year the mice of Whiskerland celebrate this with a grand Aero-mouse Festival.  There are demonstrations and races to determine the fastest and most skilled flyers.  Acrobat mice exhibit feats of daring by lassoing  birds as they fly by.  They hurtle through the air and perform tricks on the end of the rope.
Many mice enjoy the hot-air balloons, or riding in a carriage pulled by a string of hummingbirds.  One popular attraction is the Sling-chute.  First a giant sling-shot hurtles the brave mice into the air. Then they open parachutes to gently settle to the ground.  There are also the military displays of soldier mice and their falcons.
Watch for more Aero-mouse participants in future posts.

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