About Us

Welcome to Whiskerland, your one-stop shop for the best pet accessories on the market. We are a dedicated team of pet lovers who understand the importance of providing your furry friend with the best products available.

Our selection includes many items such as specially designed hammocks that provide a sense of safety and security for your cat, as well as enclosed beds that not only offer comfort but also satisfy your furry friends craving to be inside a box. What of the issue of shedding though? We make it easy to remove large amounts of animal fur with our Furictaor lint &fur removing tool. All of the products sold on our site are tried, tested, and handpicked to make your life as a pet owner easier.

The founder of Whiskerland, grew up surrounded by cats, with a grandmother who was a true cat lover (or crazy cat lady as he'd affectionately tease), owning seven cats. "I remember there being cats everywhere; one on the cupboard, two under the table, another 3 tearing up the toilet paper roll in the bathroom. It was quite the experience, but as a youth I loved the furry chaos." With this experience, he knows his way around cats and what they like.

 Along with family felines he also had his own cat named Pal. Pal was a great cat who was a better companion than even his dog Sneakers who's supposed to be "mans best friend". One time he was gone for a walk in the forest with Sneakers and every few minutes the dog would be further behind. "Sneakers come here boy" he would say, and Sneakers would step a little closer, but he was always further away after each call. Eventually he was nowhere to be seen, and was later found snoozing at the house! Pal was a different story. They would go for walks in the forest, climb trees together and watch the sunrise on their roof. "Pal was truly my best friend, and he will always hold a special place in my heart. I still think about him all the time." It's this special bond that inspired him to create Whiskerland and bring the best products to fellow cat lovers.

At Whiskerland, we believe in providing top-quality products that will improve your pet's life and make your life as a pet owner easier. We take pride in our selection and stand behind every product we sell. Thank you for choosing Whiskerland for your pet needs.